New Faces

May 28, 2021

Calamares serves the needs of several dozen Linux distributions, large and small, based on any one of the “big five” distro’s, with whatever desktop environment users would like. Two new faces (both Arch-derivatives) have joined the club this month, so let’s give them a bit of spotlight.


Archcraft describes itself as

Yet another minimal Linux distribution, based on Arch Linux.

No full desktop environment, “just” openbox and a bunch of tools to start with. Archcraft launches a really nice “welcome” webpage at startup, and they’ve done a nice job of doing introductions – it’s a nice live ISO to use, and you can install it, too.

Welcome to Archcraft During the installation


XeroLinux is a little more personal-project, describing itself as

a personal project I am working on that I thought I would share, in case someone out there shares my passion for building Linux.

It’s built through the ArcoLinux tooling and the site has lots of little news updates and pointers to tools – news and tools that help to build the distro itself. It runs a heavily-customized KDE Plasma desktop and like many Arch derivatives has an amazing rainbow terminal experience when you open up konsole.

Welcome to XeroLinux It's playtime!

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