Calamares 3.2.3 delayed

Oct 20, 2018

Good news and bad news from the Calamares team this month. Calamares 3.2.3 is delayed (that’s the bad news) but Lubuntu Cosmic Cuttlefish now uses Calamares for its released ISO (that’s good news).

We’re happy to welcome Lubuntu to the family of distributions that use Calamares to install from their ISO onto users’ systems, and we’re happy with their vote of confidence in Calamares as a distribution-independent and highly-configurable Linux installer. We’ve been working gently with the Lubuntu developers to add some little features for them and to smooth out issues they have, and they have been helping improve Calamares documentation and in reporting bugs.

The bad news is that Calamares 3.2.3 wasn’t released when originally planned (at the beginning of october), and it looks like it’s going to end up one month late. The reason is basically “other stuff happened too”. There is one feature that we want to be in 3.2.3 (allowing the user to select how much swap will be created), and that is taking longer than expected. At the same time, there’s little fixes coming in, and a new potential contributor has shown up with an interest in UI fixes – mentoring takes a lot of time as well.

Look for Calamares with a revised release schedule around the second week of November.

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