Calamares 3.2.41 released

Jul 31, 2021

Returning to short-cycle releases, the Calamares team is happy to release Calamares 3.2.41. The “things that fit” into this release do not cover all of the items on the milestone, which will remain open for a few more releases until all the milestone issues are resolved.

This release contains contributions from (alphabetically by first name):

  • Anke Boersma
  • Camilo Higuita


  • The (re)translation framework has been internally re-vamped to be less resource-intensive and to work with all QObjects, not just widgets. Consumers of the translations framework are expected to set up the event filter on the top-level widget(s) manually. Since Calamares and the Calamares-test-applications have been adjusted already, no further action is needed.


  • When the keyboard module is activated, it no longer replaces an explicit user choice (e.g. for a Belgian layout) by a guessed-for- this-language layout (e.g. Danish if you’re installing in Danish).
  • Logic for handling installation lists has been moved around in the packages module so that package managers can, in principle, adjust how to handle critical and non-critical package lists.
  • In the partition module, translation code has been simplified.
  • The usersq module has had a fair bit of QML rewritten to make it easier to customize the colors used by the module in a consistent way. (Thanks Anke)
  • Welcome now uses a translated message from the Config object, increasing the sharing between widgets- and QML-modules.
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