Calamares Extensions 1.2.1

Nov 16, 2021

There is a new irregular release of Calamares Extensions. Calamares Extensions are additional modules for Calamares that do not fit in the “core” Calamares release – extra-specialised modules, OS-specific modules, and modules for unique situations.

This release contains contributions from (alphabetically by first name):

  • Anke Boersma
  • Otus9051

Core changes in this release:

  • requires Calamares 3.2.46 or later.
  • adjusts module-building to newer Calamares-release conventions.

Changes and new modules in this release:

  • refind is a new module that installs the rEFInd bootloader. It can be used instead of the bootloader module from core Calamares. (Thanks Anke)
  • unpackfsc is a new module that uses unsquashfs directly. This may be faster or more convenient than the unpackfs module from core Calamares. The configuration file supports only one entry, but is otherwise easy to adapt from an existing unpackfs.conf. The module can also use fsarchiver, although currently only in savedir / restdir mode (not savefs / restfs which deals with block devices).


If you experience an issue with Calamares Extensions, please tell us all about it on the Calamares Extensions issue tracker.

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