Calamares 1.1-RC1 out now

Jun 10, 2015

The Calamares team is proud to announce the immediate availability of Calamares 1.1-RC1.

This is a pre-release product for testers and early adopters, and it brings countless improvements over 1.0. We are declaring it release candidate quality, but testing is crucial in order to deliver an amazing final 1.1 release in a few weeks.

Calamares 1.1-RC1 brings countless bug fixes and improvements over Calamares 1.0.1.

Screenshot courtesy of Anke Boersma from KaOS.

Highlights of this release candidate include:

  • An improved boot loader module with GRUB2 and Gummiboot support
  • EFI support for partitioning and boot loader
  • More robust partition detection and mounting/unmounting
  • Swap partition support in automatic partitioning
  • An improved Python modules API
  • User experience improvements, including all new Welcome and Summary pages
  • A greatly improved branding mechanism, with QML and translations support
  • An all new diagnostics interface for system integrators

Bugs should be reported to the Calamares issue tracker.

Download: calamares-1.1-rc1.tar.gz

MD5: d0d1f8815a81f5d59e48bec321d4985c

SHA1: 09ef32d33789d0a39f449c101126547f1202d389

Known issues:

  • Boost.Python linked against Python 3 isn’t found properly on Debian based distributions in some cases (CAL-233, fix in commit 35d853e).
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