Calamares 3.2.6 released

Apr 25, 2019

The Calamares team is happy to announce the availability of Calamares 3.2.6, the sixth update in the features-and-functionality series of Calamares 3.2.x. This is a short-cycle feature release.

Calamares is a distribution-independent system installer, with an advanced partitioning feature for both manual and automated partitioning operations. Calamares is designed to be customizable by distribution maintainers without need for cumbersome patching, thanks to third party branding and external modules support.

Note: There is a regression in the localecfg module, do not use this version.

This release contains contributions from (alphabetically by first name):

  • Arnaud Ferraris
  • Dominic Hayes (feren)
  • Raul Rodrigo Segura (raurodse)


  • Under-the-hood code cleanups in lots of parts of the core. Calamares now builds without warnings when Clang 8 is used.
  • A new disable-cancel-during-exec setting provides more fine-grained control than disable-cancel, which hides the button entirely. #1122 (Thanks to Dominic, FerenOS)
  • A branding module can now also cause a stylesheet to be loaded, which will be applied to the widgets inside Calamares. #961 (Thanks to Raul)


  • All of the Python-based modules now have translations enabled. #991
  • Displaymanager module has improved support for LightDM configuration. #1123 (Thanks to Dominic, FerenOS)
  • License module can now display local files inline, and scrolls to allow longer lists of licenses and to support long license texts displayed inline. #1124 #1125 #1052
  • Partition module has additional checks for validity partition layouts. #1127 (Thanks to Arnaud)
  • Welcome module has improved usability: a standard icon alongside the Language label, for improved recognition, and improved language-list display and sorting. #1107


If you experience an issue with Calamares, please tell us all about it on the Calamares issue tracker. For a full change list, or the full list of issues closed with this release, please see the Calamares code repository. Work towards the next release continues.

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