Calamares 3.2.18 released

Jan 28, 2020

After a two months – several new years and some conferences – the Calamares team is happy to announce the availability of Calamares 3.2.18, a minor features-and-bugfix release in the Calamares 3.2.x series. This tried to be a short-cycle release, and wasn’t.

Calamares is a distribution-independent system installer, with an advanced partitioning feature for both manual and automated partitioning operations. Calamares is designed to be customizable by distribution maintainers without need for cumbersome patching, thanks to third party branding and external modules support.

This release contains contributions from (alphabetically by first name):

  • Bill Auger


  • Assamese translation has been added (still in preliminary state).
  • Timezone support code has migrated into the core of Calamares. This means that modules now have easier access to timezone information. Translations for timezones have also been enabled, so it is possible at least to translate the displayed zones in the locale module.
  • Branding can now specify whether to (try to) display the Calamares window in the middle of the desktop or not. The windowPlacement key in branding.desc specifies center or free placement.


  • All modules can now set a new key in module.desc called noconfig. If this key is set to true (the default is `false), no configuration file is searched-for or loaded, and no warning is printed if the configuration is missing. This should tidy up some unnecessary warnings on startup. #1302 #1301
  • The license module has seen a significant change to its looks. Actions are now labeled more clearly, and the URL (or filename) for each license is displayed.
  • The locale module now supports translations for timezone and location names (e.g. “Berlin” is “Berlijn” in Dutch).
  • Packagechooser is a little more careful with displaying default and empty package names. (thanks to Bill Auger)
  • The unpackfs module now carries a larger weight in the overall progress of the installation, which should resolve downstream reports like “progress stops at 24% for a long time”. This is currently hard-coded, but will become configurable in a future release. #1176


If you experience an issue with Calamares, please tell us all about it on the Calamares issue tracker. For a full change list, or the full list of issues closed with this release, please see the Calamares code repository.

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