Communications Channels

May 21, 2021

Calamares, like many Free Software projects, has been using IRC – and the Freenode network – for many years for real-time communication, for idle chit-chat and for community-building. Recent upheaval at Freenode has encouraged the Calamares team to diversify the communication channels.

For communications that can wait, like bug reports, issues, feature requests, the best place remains GitHub issues. This is where long-term discussions go, and where we can properly keep track of whether they are fixed or not.

For real time communication, chit-chat, discussing whether something is worth filing an issue for, notifications, and little things (typo’s, website stuff) there are three places, which are monitored with varying intensity by the Calamares team:

IRC is not persistent, so don’t ask-and-leave in the channel because you will never get an answer. It does not require registration, though. Matrix is persistent, but you will need to register somewhere on the Matrix federation. A KDE account is ok (, or a global Matrix account is ok ( or any other home-server will do as well.

Matrix is preferred. It has persistence, rich text, and better notifications.

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