Communications Channels

Aug 27, 2023

Calamares, like many Free Software projects, has been using a mix of Matrix and IRC for some years, with a gentle preference shift towards Matrix in 2023. Bridging was a great solution, when it worked. It is time to admit that we’re not watching IRC (at all) when it is not bridged, and that Matrix is where real-time chat happens.

For communications that can wait, like bug reports, issues, feature requests, the best place remains GitHub issues. This is where long-term discussions go, and where we can properly keep track of whether they are fixed or not. Issues are not a help-channel: that’s what Matrix is for.

For real time communication, chit-chat, discussing whether something is worth filing an issue for, notifications, and little things (typo’s, website stuff) there visit Matrix:

Matrix is persistent, so you will need to register somewhere on the Matrix federation. A KDE account is ok (, or a global Matrix account is ok ( or any other home-server will do as well.

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