Calamares and Qt6

Sep 3, 2023

Calamares 3.3.0 will have at least rudimentary Qt6 support. The libraries build, and so does the main executable and the welcome and finished modules. This means that a “purely Qt6” Calamares might be possible, except for the dependencies on KDE Frameworks and KPMCore which have not had suitable releases yet.

The name of the silly fake distro has been updated, too.

Calamares 3.3.0-alpha3 with Qt6

In the interest of planning the next release, here are some items that I think are required to get the 3.3.0 release out the door:

  • Qt6 compatibility for the whole build. This may mean dropping other bits of functionality like macro expansion until there is a suitable KDE Frameworks release, and the Qt5 build should still be the production version.
  • Complete the namespace-conversion (drop namespace CalamaresUtils).
  • Drop Boost::Python and write the (very small) Python bindings by hand.
  • Restore the installation of config files from the repo. This was removed for 3.3.0-alpha2 because forking the repo to modify the configuration is a terrible idea. But this also breaks patching-the-configurations at build- or packaging-time, which is a legitimate use-case.


If you experience an issue with Calamares, please tell us all about it on the Calamares issue tracker. For a full change list, see the full list of issues closed within the current generation (which is many releases).

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