placeholder image 1What is Calamares

Calamares is an installer framework. By design it is very customizable, in order to satisfy a wide variety of needs and use cases. Calamares aims to be easy, usable & beautiful while remaining independent of any particular Linux distribution.

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placeholder image 2Knowledge Base

The Guide linked above has documentation for end-users, the wiki is mostly for distro developers. The developer’s guide contains information on building Calamares, on its design, and localization.


Calamares look

Since Calamares is designed to be customized, themed and branded by individual distributions, it can look very different when used by specific distributions. A separate extensions package contains examples and custom modules.


Latest News:

Calamares 3.2.60 released

This is the first community-maintainence release of Calamares 3.2. Somewhat ironically, all the commits in the branch come from Adriaan de Groot – the community is working in the 3.3 (calamares) branch.

NOTE that as of this release announcement, there are known issues with the locale module which now misplaces English. Distributions are recommended to stick with 3.2.59, or solve issue #2008 first.


  • No core changes


  • fstab now warns when the mount options are empty (which is non- sensical, and indicates that the configuration is bad).
  • locale does a better job of preserving Catalan (Valencia) across modules; previously it dropped the Valencia after the locale module unless you specifically re-selected ca@valencia in the locale module. (Reported by Lliurex)
  • welcome now has text labels on the special buttons (nominally, this is part of the core, but the About button was always on the welcome page).


If you experience an issue with Calamares, please tell us all about it on the Calamares issue tracker. For a full change list, see the full list of issues closed within the current generation (which is many releases).

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Calamares 3.2.59 released

This is a regular short-cycle release. There are a handful of bugfixes and one tiny little UI feature. Calamares 3.2 development is now bugfix only. The working branch calamares is now for version 3.3.

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Calamares released

This is a extra-quick release for an issue that shows up when using a swap file on a btrfs filesystem; the installation would fail with a Python error, raised from btrfs-progs. Reported by Evan James, Erik Dubois, TechXero. The problem was exposed by new versions of btrfs-progs, so this release may not be needed for your distro, depending on kernel- and btrfs-progs-versions.

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