Calamares 3.1.1 is out

Jun 26, 2017

The Calamares team is happy to announce the immediate availability of Calamares 3.1.1, an incremental bugfix release in the 3.1 series.

Calamares is a distribution-independent system installer, with an advanced partitioning feature for both manual and automated partitioning operations. Calamares is designed to be customizable by distribution maintainers without need for cumbersome patching, thanks to third party branding and external modules support.

Changes since 3.1 include:

  • Improved salting for user passwords.
  • Crash on startup when no installation-devices are found has been fixed.
  • Support for very small screens (800x600) is improved.
  • Hostnames may be up to 63 characters in length, conforming to RFC1123 and various LDAP schemas.
  • System language, locale settings and keyboard are now guessed based on installer language and location.
  • Crashreporter added to release tarball.

Calamares requires KPMcore 3.0.3 or later, for various bugfixes and stability improvements in KPMcore.

If you experience an issue with Calamares, please tell us all about it on the Calamares issue tracker.

MD5: 1509c8bca19386d75a6312fda32c35a3
SHA256: 1644f28f0ee166411dafc849d1d1c9b5bf4f7346ebaf430ee3cf1a7d330a85aa
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