Calamares 1.1-RC3 is out

Jun 20, 2015

The Calamares team is happy to announce the immediate availability of Calamares 1.1-RC3.

This is a pre-release product for testers and early adopters. It brings countless improvements over 1.0 and fixes for issues that have been discovered since 1.1-RC1 and 1.1-RC2.

Testing is of utmost importance to ensure the quality of the upcoming final 1.1 release, so play with it, try to break it, and tell us all about it on the Calamares issue tracker.

Change log since 1.1-RC2:

  • Fixed several memory leaks and other minor issues detected by static code analysis.
  • Fixed a GDM auto-login issue.
  • Fixed an issue with zram, loop and possibly other unusable devices not being filtered out in the Partition module.
  • Updated the display manager module to work with latest Cinnamon.
  • Refactored the left side tasks tree interface into a flat list.
  • Multiple layout improvements in the Welcome page.
  • Added a brandable welcome picture in the Welcome page.
  • Fixed an issue with swap partitions not being cleared after an unresumed suspend to disk by another operating system, causing a failed resume attempt after installing.

Download: calamares-1.1-rc3.tar.gz

MD5: 3a6561f5dd46404f3dcc292b645a065c

SHA1: 10151f31e3e36812cfd3e0a7da0d859c4f1187f1

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