Adriaan de Groot
Maintainer GPG Key | Software developer for Blue Systems


Prominent contributors are listed alphabetically by first name. The release notes list specific contributions for each release.

Alf Gaida Siduction support
Andrius Štikonas Partitioning, KPMCore
Anke Boersma Various modules, Website, KaOS support
Arnaud Ferraris Partitioning layout
Caio Jordão Carvalho Partitioning, LVM support
Gabriel Craciunescu Bugfixing all over
Harald Sitter OpenQA
Kevin Kofler Fedora support, miscellanous fixes
Lisa Vitolo Netinstall module, miscellanous fixes
Philip Müller Manjaro support
Rohan Garg Debian support
Scott Harvey Resizer module
Simon Quigley Lubuntu support
Walter Lapchynski Lubuntu support

User interface design and artwork is provided by the KDE Visual Design Group.

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Former Contributors

Aurélien Gâteau Partitioning, job queue
Pier Luigi Fiorini Maui support
Teo Mrnjavac Previous Maintainer

Calamares development is sponsored by Blue Systems.