Calamares 3.3.8 released

Jul 3, 2024

A release with bugfixes in several modules (especially the partition module), and a new feature in shellprocess and just about every place that runs commands – that includes contextualprocess jobs, process job modules, and other places.

This release contains contributions from (alphabetically by first name):

  • Adriaan de Groot
  • Evan James
  • Lorenzo Faletra
  • Tj
  • Victor Fuentes


  • nothing in particular


  • contextualprocess see shellprocess.
  • mount module now correctly mounts luks and luks2-encrypted swap. (thanks Victor)
  • partition avoids a crash with specific checkbox-presets. (thanks Evan)
  • partition had a bug where manual partitioning on MBR systems might skip the installation of a bootloader, even though the visible bootloader combo-box showed that it would be installed. (see #2318)
  • partition could calculate an incorrect partition size when installing to very specific partition sizes, and now leaves a few more sectors for secondary GPT tables. (thanks Tj)
  • shellprocess now supports a verbose key (globally and per-command) which logs command output line-by-line.
  • users module defaults password salt to yescrypt. (thanks Lorenzo)


If you experience an issue with Calamares, please tell us all about it on the Calamares issue tracker. For a full change list, see the full list of issues closed within the current generation (which is many releases).