Calamares Seeking Translators

Dec 12, 2018

Calamares is translated into 58 languages. 59 if you count the latest addition, Macedonian. However, not all the languages have translators, so this is a call for some more translators to sign up.

Calamares uses Transifex for translations. It’s a nice web-based translation mechanism, although it also supports some kinds of local tooling. They is an Open-Source friendly, but not Open-Source.

There are 59 languages in the list for Calamares. One, Macedonian, was recently requested but the requested has gone away again, leaving the language orphaned. Uzbek was similarly requested but has no translators either.

That said, there are also translations to Lao, Farsi, Gujrati, Urdu and Swiss French that have not seen any actual translation work done.

If you are interested in any of those languages, the Calamares Translators Guide can get you started. Give me a shout on IRC, via a GitHub issue, or a Transifex message to join.

(And as an aside, I’ve been asked to merge the three Spanish translations, Spanish, Mexican and Puerto Rican .. that will take a few active members as well to sort it out.)

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