Calamares CI Migration

Feb 2, 2021

Calamares has made grateful use of the Travis-CI system for many years. The combination of quick builds, easily configured, and good IRC notifications have been useful to the team and the Open Source ecosystem. However, Travis-CI is reducing the amount of service it provides (for free!) to Open Source projects, so Calamares is moving its CI elsewhere.

CI setup is non-trivial, and moving CI to another platform takes time away from regular development. One medium-term upside, though, is that we no longer need to be polite about resource usage: Calamares is moving CI to GitHub actions, and we’ll grind through way more VMs as a matter of course.

All the CI actions for Calamares can be found here on GitHub, although the day-to-day builds in response to pushes are in the ci-neon action, which builds Calamares on a recent KDE neon. There are other builds that happen on a schedule with other base systems.

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