Calamares Site and Summer

Jun 24, 2019

The Calamares website has migrated entirely to GitHub pages. Previously it used some tiny hosting to forward requests, but this is no longer necessary. This does mean that the certificate for the site has changed, and on the 24th June at least there were certificate warnings when accessing the site.

This is only due to the move, and there is no other issue. Once the move is complete, the existing hosting can be switched off, which saves a little money and a little sysadmin time.

Looking forward: it’s nearly the summer of 2019. In summer, Calamares development shuts down for about three weeks around the Nijmegen Vierdaagse. With the current short-cycle development model, that means we will skip one release and get going again in August. Expect Calamares 3.2.10 and possibly a 3.2.11 before the break.

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