Calamares released

Dec 3, 2019

An embarrasing error crept into the release of Calamares 3.2.17, so here is a hotfix release:

  • grubcfg now works (that’s the important bit, commit 1a13704c71dda7d2656ee12fef3f58d9603027e5 )
  • minor translation updates
  • fewer warnings from deprecated Qt methods
  • some extra logging and some simpler code


  • The grubcfg module had a typo in it that made installations fail. Reported by Philip Mueller and Erik Dubois.


If you experience an issue with Calamares, please tell us all about it on the Calamares issue tracker. For a full change list, or the full list of issues closed with this release, please see the Calamares code repository.

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