Calamares is highly modular and configurable. This guide explains what Calamares is capable of. Your distribution might use all of it, but most probably switched some parts off.

ProTip: This section is about using Calamares to install your system. If you are reading this, it is probably because your distribution doesn’t have a more detailed set of instructions.

Note: Your distribution can have additional modules not discussed or shown here. These are probably custom options never submitted to Calamares.

Common Modules

For nearly all installations, and all configurations of Calamares, you will see these modules used.

Optional Modules

These are modules for unusual cases or special distributions, and you will probably not see them.

  • License
  • Netinstall
  • Notesqml
  • Packagechooser
  • Plasmalnf
  • Tracking
  • Webview