placeholder image 1What is Calamares

Calamares is an installer framework. By design it is very customizable, in order to satisfy a wide variety of needs and use cases. Calamares aims to be easy, usable & beautiful while remaining independent of any particular Linux distribution.

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placeholder image 2Knowledge Base

The Guide linked above has documentation for end-users, the wiki is mostly for distro developers. The developer’s guide contains information on building Calamares, on its design, and localization.


Calamares look

Since Calamares is designed to be customized, themed and branded by individual distributions, it can look very different when used by specific distributions. A separate extensions package contains examples and custom modules.


Latest News:

Generational Change

I – Adriaan de Groot – have been running the Calamares project for five years now, sponsored by Blue Systems. Blue Systems has supported the Calamares project since early days and through two maintainers now (Teo and myself). After these five years, I have decided to hand in my badge and move on to different things. This means that I’m no longer paid to spend three days a week on Calamares and my involvement is going to be dialed back to incidental-volunteer-contributor, although I’ll have maintainer-powers (just like Teo still does) to keep things moving in the interim.

The communities that use Calamares and contribute to it – EndeavourOS, Manjaro, Debian, KaOS and dozens of others – need to sort things out for themselves a little bit. It’s always been an open project, and it will continue like that. Hopefully we can welcome a new maintainer later this year.

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Calamares released

This is a hotfix release for a regression introduced in 3.2.58, where it was impossible to proceed past the partitioning step without checking (and possibly un-checking) the encrypt system checkbox, when choosing erase or replace options.

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Calamares 3.2.58 released

This is a regular short-cycle release. There are a handful of bugfixes and one tiny little UI feature. Note that Calamares 3.2 development is winding down.

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